GreenTurbo Z Worklog

This was my car at the end of summer last yaer.
It was turboed on a stock motor, for the entire year.

The motor still able to run I decided to build a motor, to handle for boost.
started out with this.

and I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.

Decided to weld up the side vents on the rear of the car. they would leak and fill my trunk with water.

header still needs to be finished and painted, along with the turbo.

[url=] ... G_0440.jpg[/url]

The new motor almost togeather.

Motor about to go into its new home

as you can see, that the wastegate hits the core support, and the support had to be moddified.

That is the worklog up to March 22, 2009
I still need to do the exhaust, and intake, and wiring and clean up the engine bay a little too. but the interior is done, I’ll post pics of that soon.
There are more pics on my photobucket page.

I am in love with your car. What kind of numbers are you shooting for in it? When do you think this will be done. One of the nicest z’s ive seen and completely want to know more.

Thanks for the comment. I’m going to try and push the car to 400 HP, after the motor is broke in and everything checks out to be ok. I’m hoping to have it done before May. The motor has Crower Rods, Wiesco Pistons, Fully Port & Polished head, with Ford racing Valves, and Ford Racing Stage 3 Valve springs. High output oil pump. Stage 3 6 puck Spec clutch. I plan on upgrading cams sometime this year and getting a bigger turbo too. And going to put a LSD into the transmission later this summer too. I won’t run big boost on it daily, just when ever I go to the track.

Just watch 3rd gear after about 300.

Nice build BTW

loving the build, keep the progress coming i’m loving it!

by the way i like the body, well done and the kit doesn’t look overdone, goes well with the car.

Your car looks very nice! You gotta a lot going on with your car. good luck with it.

Car is getting closer to starting, can’t wait. but I’m still going to take my sweet time with it, double check everything before it fires up. I still need to weld all the intercooler piping, so I can eliminate as many couplers as I can. and still alot of little things to finish up too.

Do you have any video’s of this bad boy when it running with the old setup? I think there was some youtube video’s of it dynoing or something.

Yea there is one video of it on the dyno on youtube. I always forgot to video it when it was running. But this year I plan to have lots of videos of it.

Not a fan of the colors, but i love how clean it is. Very nice nice build.

So bro were are you standing on this project?