greatest xbox360 commercial (but banned)

bahahah that is the best! to badd they banned it

Lol :lol: That is soo- funny. It is a shame that they banned that commercial.


that’s a good commercial. it’s creative, why ban creativity.

yes very creative, yet some politician would have gotten his rocks off once a little kid decided to point his finger like that in school and gets expelled. Its just very very sad that this country has to consume itself with witch hunts rather than take a good hard look in the mirror.

I loved it. They should so run that AD. I really like the cabby at then end.

I like the janitor. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

the gernade toss was funny , i like the guys at the bar to

Well i know what im doing next time i go somewhere with a group of people :lol:


That was good. Hehe.

Reminds me of playing around when I was a kid.

i’m gonna try it at walmart

That might have disastrous consequences.

They show it on BBC America, or at least they did on Christmas…great ad

lets all have a meet and do that and video tape it! wo0t wo0t that wud be awesome

That would be quite funny. LOL!


I’ll be trying this tonight, at my local Wal*Mart.

Pray for me. Hahaha.

how’d that work out for ya?