got to love pics

i know its not everyones taste but i think it came out good it took me and ironmark long enough to take the dash out so it better

Do you ever accidentally hit any of those switches?

Hope one of those isn’t the passenger eject. =) Very nice, I would hope that you disabled the passenger air bag. Also is that an ATX or MTX? I see only a brake pedal but a VERY sweet shifter knob. Looks like an ATX.

What passenger airbag??? :evil:

BTW it came out great Mike!

sssssshhhhhhhhhhh !!!

lol yea the bag is dis-abled the bag is signed By Roush. Hence it’s not painted. the switches control diffrent thing from the lights in the hood vents, the intrerior lights, PS2, TV, etc etc theres more toggles strung out around the car.

Pretty radical, but not hideous.

  • Darron

And the tranny? Is it ATX?

Level 10 ATX :sunglasses:
It’s rated up to 300hp and with only a 10% power loss in the powertrain
it’s as good as a built MTX with the bennafits of a ATX


Teach me! How do I go about building a mytical beast such as that!

Easier said than done. A freind of mine knows the ppl at Level 10 Motorsports. So they built the tranny and shipped it to him . That the only way i got it. Useally you have to give them the car and they build it to you specs.