Got my Katie a little something today :)

Needs some work, needs some TLC but I rode it for almost an hour and a half on the highway and some twisties and it really did just fine, needs a few things and she’ll be a showroom bike when me and Katie are done with it. Katie FLIPPED out when i told her “We’re gonna go get you a ninja today”. :slight_smile:

She is super stoked to have a little ninja to park next to mine :slight_smile: We are both very happy and I can’t wait to go riding together :slight_smile:

ok 1st katie your have to much cloths on j/k
it looks good hope you guys enjoy riding together and its nuice to see the Mustang II still around

:) Yep the II is still kickin'!


lol! Derek that looks great! Im glad that you and Katie will be able to ride together soon!

Doesn’t look like she’s mad, more like an invitation. :lol:

Thats cool that you guys are going to ride together.

Aww, matching Ninjas. :smiley:

Awwww!! How cute!! :smiley:
Seriously, that is awsome!! I think its the coolest thing when a girl is driving a motorcycle.