Got a turbo off an old skyline

Will it absolutly destroy my engine?

whats the spec of the turbo?

Is the engine still attached?
Was it from a single or twin turbo setup?

There has totally been some very successful turbo setups done on the z. but you need to make sure you do it right :slight_smile: If it’s on stock internals and i recall right most members are running like 4-5psi tops on them.

Remember, your weakest area on the car is going to be the transmission on the zx2… so you can build an awesome motor, go turbo, but that tranny will be toast if you don’t do everything right :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t know the specs on it I’ve been trying to find out but with no success. I do know that it came off a single turbo setup.

Sounds like it could be big. Normally a zetec block can handle from 200whp-220whp with a good tune. With this depending on the turbo is going to depend on boost level and how much power you make and such. If you have a massive turbo even on waste gate(say 6psi) can very from how much power it has on out put. Be very very careful on what you piece together since if not done well…kaboom

it’s probably a garret t28. the RB’s came with t3 manifolds too FYI.

actually you can build up to around 240 hp n/a… but the ford zx2 engine can handle easily 400 hp but the ford motor company says 500 is pushing it and something will probably break without the proper mods… if youre going to put a turbo on it you need a new axle and tranny so they dnt go to shit lol…

also this guy who used to make turbos for the zx2 but stopped selling them cuz they were too expensive puts a t-3/ t-4 turbonetics turbo on a stock zx2 engine with 18 psi with 93 octane and made 319 hp and it runs fine…

Which person would that be? Most use svt blocks for the zx2 and then can do around 16 psi on a t3

its a website called from what i remember

that’s tom, and no, it isn’t on a stock engine.