Good headers?

Christmas is coming up, I have an extra paycheck, exhaust will be getting done but what kind of header?

jba shorty or zxtuner

What’s your ultimate goal?

shorty header it will make it easier if u go turbo later
and ya what is your ultimate goal import slayer or show queen

I don’t know if those kids are speaking from experience, but I love my sound and kick from my Kamikazie. When shopping, I kept hearing all this stuff about fitment issues, but I had zero, zip, nada. I had the obvious issues of bolt removal due to heat expansion and rust, but everything lined up just fine. Sound is huge now, and the power is everywhere (especially up top, got opened up real good there). If you’re worried about rusting or anything like that, you can have it Jet Hot coated and you won’t need to worry about it.

I obviously can’t say it’s better than any other not having any experience with them, but I do know that it’s as cheap if not cheaper than the others. You can get it from still last I checked. Although, with you living in WA, after shipping it may be cheaper from Rob if you don’t want the Jet Hot.

  • Darron

I don’t care about show, it could look like shit but if it goes like stink I want it. We’ll put it that way.

As long as it fits, I’m happy and I want a GOOD gain from it. I will NOT be doing turbo on this engine so it’s all N/A. I can’t do a turbo, winter around here is HORRIBLE and the last thing I need in the snow is to be sitting there spinning the tires. I want horsepower but not TOO much horsepower, know what I mean?

turbo is actually very easy in the winter… stay out of boost and no power so no wheelspin

Still, too much to convert it to turbo, way expensive :frowning:

Can’t forge the new OBX header

has anyone tried teh new OBX header? hows fitment and gains?

i havent tried the obx header … but i have done alot of work with that company and they are very good qaulity, very good rep and very good fitment on other products

The OBX header is the Zxtuner. It’s a carbon copy, but Zxtuner warns that the flanges connecting the mid-point appears to be a weak point and might be an area of concern. But if you go that route, let us know.

from being on, they said that the collectors are 2 small, It still gives u gains but it starts bein crappy around 6000+ RPM. Still better then stock, just not the best. Wait to see what Rob from ZXtuner is working on. There is talk about a new version of the header possibly in the makes!!! This also includes projector headlights w/ Hi/Low beam (approx. $300-$400) among other things!!!
Link to post on OBX header…

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I still maintain the Kamikaze is the best bang for the buck. Head over to P-tuning…we should get some sort of discount too.

  • Darron

Just make sure to wire-wheel and have that Kamakize ceramic coated or you’ll be picking up rust chips.

Edit: I didn’t really look at the date on this one.

I had P-tuning send the header to Hot Shot instead of me so they could coat it. That combined with now garaging her in the winter will keep the rust issue from being an issue.

  • Darron

What Darron forgot to mention is he has to garage her in the winter with the jet hot coating because if it gets it contact with salt the warranty is void. So I would definetly recomend getting a beater if you go the jet hot route. Especially if winters are as you say “atrocious”


I’ve been hearing that, it’s a 4-2-1 header right? Not a 4-1…

I’m at the point of wanting to do my header but I’m trying to rig up something for the exhaust becuase I’m afraid of the aftermarket exhaust rubbing on my B&M shifter :frowning: I’ve heard too many stories about TWM and B&M shifters rubbing on aftermarket exhaust. I had the B&M rubbing on the stock but I was able to fix it, it was rubbing on the heatshield.

my B&M doesnt rub on my 2.25" exhaust!! it might rub if you dont remove the heat shield though.

That’s kind of what I was wondering, it isn’t really all that big and really doesn’t seem like it would make a huge difference… I could probably spray some 500 degree coating on the bottom of the car when I do it just to make sure instead of heat shield… but I’d rather just leave it off.

So 2.25" was your pick? No sense in going 2.5" i assume? I’m looking for a mid range of power, don’t need a lot of top end.