Going to kill somebody!!!

Ok, I am quite angry…I finally got my Hotshot intake. Now let me recreate the situation for you. I was so excited, woohoo!!! Open up the box and open the hood of the car cause I’m gonna put it on, go through the contents of the box…tube, mmmm purdy…two couplers…4 clamps…a breather tube…L clamp…wait a second…where is the MAF adapter??? Screams in horror So right now I have a completely useless intake tube with some couplers…I emailed ZXTuner, hopefully they’ll feel sorry enough for me to try to fix the situation. Anybody got any ideas on what I can do until then???

Yeah I got an idea, do what I do 24/7, and I do what a female does, Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch, all day all i do is bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch, atleast you did something about it and contacted zxtuner, I’d just be a female and bitch to myself but not do anything about it, lol. I guess I’m cocky/crabby/comical today

You might wanna try calling Rob about it. He generally is so busy that it may be a few days before he gets a chance to check emails. Give him a call & he’ll take good care of you!

His # is: 951-478-9603

actually Rob already sent me an E-mail back, it was Hotshot’s fault (go figure). They are going to send it to me soon, hopefully very soon, lol. And I also thin ZXTuner is like the coolest website ever. I’ve never gotten a personal e-mail back from a website when I had problems.

Robs pretty good when it comes to customer service. He makes it a priority to make sure you got what you needed and helps if theres any problems. Good place to do buisness with.

Yeah Rob’s great, initially I had a bad first impression of him, I ordered a bunch of stuff and he never charged the card, I tried contacting him via email, nothing so i wrote a bunch of emails to him to cancel my order. Didn’t hear from him. But ever since then, any questions I’ve had he’s gotten right back to me, really nice guy too. Real knowledgable. I know you can find better deals online and stuff, but hey this guy is an entreprenuer. What’s an extra couple dollars when you’re already spending hundreds, let’s keep supporting this guy and buy from him. And I’m sure the same goes for Scott. And Scott buddy once again, I’m really sorry about your son.

Thanks bro. Sunday, the 12th of June he would have been 8 years old. There is a huge empty spot in my life that cannot be filled. All I can do is keep going. Money’s getting real tight, so if any of you can buy from me, I’d really apreciate it. :oops:

Know how you feel scott, Aug. 7 would have been my sons first birthday. Deffinately not gonna get any easier anytime soon, just hang in there.

not sure if your familiar with a co. named spectre but they do sell maf adapters. you can usually find them at autozone,pepboys,advanced auto etc. I think they run about 7-8 dollars. It would be at least a quick fix solution until Rob gets you taken care of.