glass cleaner and tire shine

invisible glass is and awesome product for windows, give it a try one time, you wont be disapointed!


no touch-seirously wet
is a great tire shiner IMO . . give them both a try next time you geta chance thats all i ever use on my beast :slight_smile:

good ol’ fashioned glass cleaner and a mix of elbow grease with superfine (00 grade) steelwool for a show finish here. Just WATCH IT and do NOT do it to tinted windows. Works fine for stock and is perfectly clear.

definitely have to second the invisible glass comment Dan…wonderful stuff; if you don’t have tinted windows, you’ll forget whether they are up or down…

Might have to try some of that glass cleaner when I get my car back from the shop.

mequiar’s tire shine for the tires; just go back over them with a rag to get rid of the excess. Usually only have to use it once a month.