Kinda surprised that this topic hasnt been started yet…

Whats gas prices where you guys live?

Texarkana, Arkansas- $2.14 at the moment


2.75 and up out here in california.

$2.39 Huntsville, Alabama. My Camaro get 13mpg, thats why i bought an esccort(plus it wont too expensive to replace when I eventually wreck it :evil:)

Thats the kind of thinking that will cost you money

$2.90 and going down.

It was down to about $2.10, but now it’s up to about $2.25 last I noticed. But that’s down from nearly $3.00 a month ago.

  • Darron

Well damn, you lucky SOB, lol, i can’t wait till i can fill up the zx2 for a little over $20 again… I remember when i could fill it up for $17 a long time ago.

I can’t even fill up my MOTORCYCLE for less than $12.

Darron and I saw it for $2.07 today on the way to my work, but most stations seem to have it for around $2.15.


$2.34 93oct Huntsville, Alabama… V8s suck :x

SO don’t drive one if you don’t like it.

Thats like saying “I want to have a lamborghini but i don’t want to pay high insurance” or “I want to own a motorcycle but i don’t want to pay for the maintenance costs”.

can I say… " I want an escort but I dont want to pay high insurance???"

You guys need to get that stuff over here, wow…

We’re at $2.83 now, but Oregon has always had pretty high gas prices compared to places I’ve visited.

I remember a very long time ago it was like $2.03 and below $2.00 before that a LONG time ago…

Who knows, maybe that’ll get back there but really… its not that big of a deal, between the Z which gets 42mpg (last i calculated) and the ninja which gets 60mpg, i could care less :slight_smile:

Either way, the fact that its declining is nice… Next summer it just means more longterm trips on the ninja :slight_smile: MORE AUFDERHEIDE! :mrgreen:


2.03 WAHOO!!! lol now if i can just keep my foot out of it! hmm :expressionless:


Damn… this is nice… i think its time for me to look into some news articles as to WHY the prices are dropping? Does anyone know why?

US stock piles of crude are high… at least thats what the radio said.

I just filled up for $14 from a Quarter tank remaining. I paid $1.72 The price on the sign was $2.02, but I got 30cents off per gallon. Gotta fill up Miranda’s car before I pick her up from work. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

how’d you manage that

Gas prices go up only when the war on “freedom fighters” is on the news.

Kroger card at Kroger gas station. I work there, but that’s not how I get the discount. For however much you spend on grocieries the month before you can get 10 to 50 cents off per gallon for four fill ups.

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