gas or fuel door

anyone know of a nice fuel door ie aftermarket that might fit? like the ones on the eclipse or other possible doners?

hmm now there is a mod for me to make…

I like that idea. I have a key locked gas cap to protect the tank, since there have been… incidents on my campus. Its a bit messy pumping gas thou. A locked fuel door would be neat.

Locks are great!

i 2nd that, locks would be very good

what do you guys think of an aluminum fuel door like the one from ford racing…

They look nice, especially when color matched.

I was thinking brushed metal, or better yet all black. I’m going for a white with black and blue highlights.

we could also do chrome…

just a suggestion but how about carbonfiber finish

Carbon Fiber fuel doors have been done to death. In a way, they look tacky. That’s just my opinion.

A chrome or metallic fuel door sounds good. To take it a step further, add some of that same material to line the outside of where the door closes. It a more solid appearance and won’t look over done.

ill try to get you one fro xmas mirror

I think I heard of some guy using a Celica fuel door? It looked pretty cool. I saw it on Ill see if I can find him.

One of the other tuners that just joined used one off a Tiburon.

I dont know if it is true or just a miss print on web site but apc clames to have on for our cars

I think thats what it was a Tiburon. :lol:

He said he had to mold the sides of the z to get it to fit thought.

Well that sux, how much time and effort did it take I wonder…

Any body check into this?

working on an aluminum fuel door

dropt…he said it did take some serious work…