Gas going down \/---

Down to $1.93 here. How about you all?

Buffalo, NY
$2.43 Yesterday night. Maybe it dropped again this morning.

$2.73 :frowning:

Stilll about $2.28 around me. Which is alot better than the $3.42 I was paying a few months back… Its kinda funny when Wisconsin questioned the oil company’s profits which were almost at a all time high hhhmmm?? :? the gass prices suddenly dropped alot.

2.09 down from 2.15 which is down from 2.90 a few months ago

We broke the $2.00 bar finally! $1.97 cheap so far.

$2.05 here.

I filled up for $1.99 last night. But I have seen it as low as $1.96 around here. Can’t begin to tell you guys how happy I am :smiley:


$2.49 last night :slight_smile:going down!

2.29 where i live. :cry: too much still. i remember the days when it was 1.15

Screw a buck fifteen…I remember freakin 99cents per gallon! Although I was able to get my premium tonight for 2.02 at a Kroger gas station with my 20cent discount. Regular was priced at 1.98

  • Darron

you must be older than me :smiley:

Not that much I’m sure…less than 10yrs guaranteed.

  • Darron

Yeah I remember the lowest being like $1.15 also

well then, how old are you.

im notthat old and i remember 99cent gas when i first got my license three years ago when i had my turbo 1st gen neon ( yeah dont laugh it ran mid 13’s with slicks and hit 14psi all day long ) but premium was 1.15 and i thought that was exspensive

I remeber $85 a gallon! Back in the day when I could fill my 98 zx2 up for less than $12.00

$85 / gallon… you crazy chris???

no lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m only 22. Cost of gas would also vary by region. Here in Ohio gas was 99cents most of the time I was growing up. We’d fill up our conversion van for about $20!!!

  • Darron