That’s all I can say. It’s not even good looking(sorry if you like focus). Too bad, It"s kinda sad actually. They are finally ending the Escort family. Not a smart move. Over the years it has proved to be THE MOST reliable car Ford has ever carried. Not to mention that if you are a drift nut, drag junkie or autocross freak…this car got you there for a fraction of what it was costing to sup-up other cars, and I dare a Honda to mess with some of the ZX2s I’ve seen.

Well adios Escort, whats worse is the final year was the sexiest ever. The one with the wide open grill…damn that was hot.

By the way, if any of you are intrested in a 500Hp RWD application for the ZX2, and in the future maybe a Focus(there’s already several), I will be starting the thread shortly.

hey dude good to see you on here we need new posting members

Itd be nice to see a write up on a RWD swap, Ive been curious as to how it would be done. Cool beans having a new member on hear too.

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Is it just me, or is someone a little behind the times? The Escort family’s been dead in Ford’s lineup since 2003. You know, four years ago. As far as the new '08 Focus goes, I work at a Ford dealer and nothing shows the Focus wearing the ZX badging anymore. WHatever the reasoning, the ZX# referred to the number of doors. Since there’s only a coupe and sedan now available, that’s how they’re referred to.

The number referred to the doors, the ZX was referring to the engine, the Ztech. Even the later duratecs were still a version of the Ztech.

The ZX designation doesn’t refer to the Zetec engine. If it did, why does the Focus wagon w/ a Zetec wear ZTW badging? A Focus was ZX3, 4, or 5 if it had a 2.0L Zetec or a 2.0L SPI.
"Ford Motor Company used the Zetec name on a variety of 4-cylinder automobile engines. [b]It was originally coined to replace "Zeta" on a range of 1.6 L to 2.0 L multi-valve engines introduced in 1991[/b]. The company used the name widely in European advertising, and later introduced it to the North American market with the Contour.

The Zetec name was so recognized that Ford decided to apply it to other high-tech four-cylinder engines. Today, it is used across many engine types in Europe, even though the original Zeta design ended production in 2004."

Now. The phrase ZX was coined from Zetec (Zeta) and I believe the common marketing classification of “Generation X” (I could be wrong on this part, but this is what I have consistently been told) or in simpler terms Zetec Generation X 2 Door (ZX2). Hence… ZX2 = 2 door, ZX3 = 2 door hatchback, ZX4 = sedan, zx5 = wagon. Ford carried the ZX name on to the focus as they had the Zetec engine in common.

Plus I always thought that the duratech, now used in the focus machines, is an “evolution” of sorts of the zetec.

check that link

The Zetec was superseded by the Duratec series of engines, originally called RoFlow Zetec. These are based on the Mazda MZR engines.

I thought the X just stood for the multiple of doors like: Z=Ztech and X2 =2 doors, as in 1 door times 2 and X3 and so on. Kinda like lumber a 4x2 lol :roll: