so as my sig says , project svt zx2 is under way … heres the gameplan with parts

2.5 svt contour head
3.0 contour block
svt ecu
some sort of lsd ( depends on transaxle used )
tokico struts
eibach springs
zxtuner adjustable rear sway bar
flat black paint ( going on this week )
mustang gt fuel pump
upgraded injectors( i wanna be able to float a ship with the amount of fuel im putting thru the system)
eventually- centrifugal s/c and i/c

  • my goal is to have everything done before this time next year … hopefully before winter if all goes right … now i just gotta hunt down a wrecked svt … got plenty of good strong bottom ends… just need that head


Sweet dude! Keep us posted on the progress!

  • Darron

so how much estimated horsepower are you anticipating from the swap?

well if i find a svt motor 210hp 20ftlbs is what its rated, non svt 170 hp 160 ftlbs so basically anywhere from 170 to 210 hp … but in the long run id like the have right around 300 to the wheels

wow how much is this v6 swap?

depends on parts availability, and amount of fabrication needed.

good luck hks

hell yeah man good luck, just remember to write everything down and take TONS of pictures. I would pay you money for a manual to do such a swap haha

lol well so far just the paint has cost me 250 bucks and i sprayed and sanded myself ( thats paint, sandpaper, tape, paper, beer and food ) and im thinking i might shell out 1g for just for a motor when i get my tax return … but im also planning on a vortech s/c and front mount when im done… also putting in a roll cage ( done for material cost cuz my friend welds ) and a system ( 1 jl w7 13", flip out dvd screen, removeable ps2 and components ) i have just door panels and a dash no back seat or plastic back there to save some weight, i wanna be done for one lap of america or players run next year ( either that or run it in my friends conquest ) we are also planning a road trip out to cali and trying to hook up a shoot with some magazines ( hence the need for the ps2 so we dont get bored on the trip ) … im sorry im just rambling

nah man your not rambling, they sound like really good plans! I hope everything works out for you!

Awsome project your undertaking hks. I also thought about swaping in the hybrid v6. Only hard thing you are going to incounter is rearanging the engine bay. If you need any advice or help on anything let me know.

well im alreayd planning on shoving the battery in the trunk and not having a/c so other then that i dunno what else is going to be able to be moved … we measured it and itll fit within the engine bay itself meaning no fire wall fab.