FYI for all my friends....

For any of my friends who knew my private website (well, not private, its public, just not so well known), i am revampting the ENTIRE website to make it into a local riding club… so it no longer is dedicated to cars and zx2 and all the walkthroughs are GONE. So if any of you want that info just pm me, its backed up on my computer and i’ll zip it and send it to you but as of midnight tonight it will be GONE.

All images, directories, html files… all gone or moved… things have changed and so have my motives for my website, it was a spontaneous decision so if I am pissing anyone off then I sincerely apologize but its time for our local riding group to get something they deserve: Their own place for themselves. :slight_smile:

Anyway… it won’t change me posting like a madman here :slight_smile: I just wanted to give a heads up for my buddies here because most of you that view my local site are from here because it was about cars, zx2s, etc…

SO! Its time for another beer!


thats cool derek. I apoligize for not posting more there. It was just a quite site a good site (tear) it will be missed.


LOL! its okay Derek! My web-space has gone through several changes and I still dont know what I want to do with it. I think its excellent that you are going to give your riding buddies a place to call home on the web!

hey hey! the forum itself is not being removed… its still up you can still post… same link you always go to, but the main site itself is gone. i couldn’t find it in me to get rid of the forum. but if you lost the link pm me and i’ll send it to ya.

As long as you keep the info in your head and contribute it to the board here, then that info isn’t really gone, which is what matters. Though searching through you head can be a bit more difficult than a site.