Fuzzy's z remodding

ok so i wrecked the z and so far this is what i have:










my laser fenders will be here in 10 days


very nice! Good luck rebuilding her

thanks man i surprized no one is flaming about my pacifier in the photo lol.


That totally sucks that you wrecked her:( Hey at least it gives you an excuse to do all sorts of fun stuff. I really like the rims that you got. Good luck with everything fuzz :stuck_out_tongue:

-Miranda :stuck_out_tongue:

I didnt even notice it till you mentioned it… crybaby!

lo! just kidding!

You have the right idea…since it has to be replaced anyway…why not upgrade!? lol Keep us posted on your progress.

  • Darron

well, get to work… i wanna see the outcome. :wink:

that Z is going to get a very good mood

i want to see her done bud!

are u going to get oem fenders or fiberglassed ones? Im just curious if your modding the body now that is wrecked you should be able to get glassed ones for around the samw price as oem.
but good modding to yea AND GOOD LUCK TO BREAKING THE BINKY PROBLEM! :roll: did i say that out loud :roll:

Hey fuzzy I wrecked mine to about a week ago actually not quite as bad as yours though. Do you think you could send me some shot of the underbody, like the lower radiator support, and the giant piece of metal bolted under the tranny. I messed both of these up and am wondering how fix them some one told me to just beat the lower raditor support into the general shape I think it should be in and get another piece of metal from a junk zx2 to bolt on underneath the tranny. Does this seem resonable to you guys or not. I think I found the whole radioator support new on ebay for like $150. Also the hood is being a bitch to realign I think the lower and upper radiator support is one piece of metal and when the lower got messed up it bent the top. how hard would it be to put a new one in. Also I guess I should explain to everybody what happened. Pretty much just cruisin down 585 and some dummy pulls out right in front of me. I slam on the brakes and swerve to miss him, in doing so I ramp of this huge dirt pile and then land hard. Also that metal under the tranny does it actually help support the tranny or is it just protection?

goto a bone yard you will probably get those parts for less then 100$.