Future of ZX2 Motorsports?

Voice your opinion! Right meow! :mrgreen:

I’m not sure what to say. Even with the low traffic, this is my favorite ZX2 forum. Everyone here is nice and civil. I hope everyone else feels as comfortable as I do about posting here. I post when I think I have something helpful, which is not too often. I would like to be more helpful, but people keep asking hard questions. :wink:

I hope the forum can survive.

There isn’t too much going on over here. But… I do feel that the people are more friendly over here and I feel much more comfortable. It’s a wonderful break from that other ZX2 site… not to mention names :stuck_out_tongue:

This is home!

This is home to me too.

This is the place where people are more laid back, more open to share information. But it has been 4 years since a new Zx2 has come along.

Back when I put up the list of parts, I was hoping to hear more voices around here. When I didn’t, I kinda relaxed putting more information there. So the other day I bought “Chilton’s” domestic DVD-ROM that covered 2000-2003 which is what most of use are using. But it seems only to work on Win2000 or XP. So this weekend I will be purchasing an external DVD Player so I can get the info off of it.

Until then, keep posting, perhaps we can get some more people here, some better traffic.

Not here as much as I would like, but want to see the site stay and grow. This is the most laid back ZX2 site, and by far the most welcoming.

These days I only answer questions that no buddy else answers. That and I could make a blog of my zx2 rebuild on the works, now that think about it… I do have a post. I hope the site stays up, I will update my post accordingly.

This site will always be home. teamzx2.com is more of a big city that I had to move to for larger “how to” things and to find some unique group buys. But I want to come home here. I’ve also slacked alot in what I promised for the site, but I’m going to do better.

I think that a good first step is to repost your Avitars for those of us that have not re-updated them

I’m hardly ever on this site anymore. Its usually TeamZX2, however ZX2ms is the 1st “real” ZX2 specific site I found back in 05. Before that it was all the old EZboard “forums”. I found TeamZX2 through this site.

This site doesn’t get enough traffic, and because of that, I just go to TeamZX2 anymore along with the other forums I’m on. I’m not even sure how you would go about getting the traffic up on this site. Everybody (for the most part) is friendly and there isn’t really any BS that goes on here.

We are our own worse problem. We dont tallorate the BS like team does, consiquently all of the retarded post there.

I’m here and so are all my skills , headlights , wiring , painting , audio , boosting, and straight up no bs zx2 talk.

I like zx2ms alot I just wish that there was more activity here

Yeah it would be nice but thats kind of up to you guys… Is there something that I can add to make things more interesting here for everyone? Would you guys be interested in email? I can set it up so you use google gmail and get a username@zx2ms.com or what ever you want @zx2ms.com I can pretty much do what ever it is you would like. I have the gallery up but no one really uses that. IDK let me know what you guys think.

The gallary is up? I didn’t know that. A ZX2ms acount would be bad ass… I’ll put that on my buissness cards. As for getting more trafic here, well I will do some research.

Love the site man, gotta keep it. It’s the ONLY Zx2 site I visit.

Well maybe you should post more :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh i like this place too seems calm and cool and informative and a good place to hang out and share info.

I post on occasion. The main problem is lack of traffic, it’s kind of a cycle. Less posts here, so I don’t come and post as often. The team is really home for me, but I do like it here. There are some new york guys here that aren’t on the team and it’s good to know that this summer I might have 3 or so more guys at my meet.

I will probably put some pictures into the gallery now that I know there is one here. Email accounts are awesome, I actually wouldn’t mind having one.

I am sure the price of server time and everything is the reason you are asking though. It does cost money.