Full WW Kit Painted Charcoal Grey-- one side skirt has some tar on it ( could prob be cleaned with some effort) and front could probably use new paint (chipped pretty bad on one corner)… kit itself in great shape-- has some wear on underside of front piece but cant be seen unless underneath car

best offer

kit is located Clearwater, FL


not sure how to put up pics on here – send me your e-mail and i will send you pics

just wondering what you was wantin to get for the kit

It says make him an offer, so just throw out whatever you think is fair.

My email should be accessible via my profile. Shoot me some pics.

still not sure how to upload pics… best i can do is put the pics on my myspace page…


i created an album with the pics…

i will give you 200 shipped for it

I could probably go 300 for it, do you have any other parts left?

still have it?

just wondered if you still had this?