Fuel sender issue

Did anyone ever figure out the classic fuel sender issue? I’ve been tempted to pull mine out and check it out to see if it’s clogged or something but my fuel sending is inconsistent. Sometimes i’m full after a week of driving still, other times it’s spot accurate.

I never heard of this issue, what are the details?

Never heard of this issue too. I was really really confused when I read it.

The little Mexican Mazda uses a unique “anti-slosh module” to keep the gauge from “spiking” or changing drastically under varying driving conditions. First, check the connector to the tank harness at the rear of the car (under rear seat, I believe) for corrosion. Check to make sure that nothing has struck the tank from underneath which may have dislodged the pump/sender assembly (a known condition with this design). As I recall, there was a technical service bulletin from the manufacturer related to fuel pump and gauge issues. If those items check out okay, reply here and I will check my database at work for further info.

hey thanks much! Wonderful first post, welcome, and thank you! I will check it out soon as i get a chance hopefully this week. I appreciate the info.