Fuel Pressure Regulator?

It’s been a while since my last post that’s for sure.

I have run into a small problem with my Z, from what I have been told are common symptoms of a fuel pressure regulator. Basically, its just taking much longer to start the car than normal. When I prime the fuel pump a couple of times without starting, it starts right up as I am used to, as opposed to the several cranks it has been taking lately.

So I pick up a new regulator, but I cannot find this part on the engine anywhere. I cannot find any indication in a factory service manual, or aftermarket manual that this part even exists on the car. I did however discover the fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail.

I am wondering if there is in fact a fuel pressure regulator, or does the fuel pressure sensor I am looking at take the regulators job?

Our cars are returnless fuel systems however i do believe there is some fuel pressure regulator in place. It may be in a different place from where it would be traditionally but I believe it will be there

I have been doing some searching and I don’t know who to believe. I can find all kinds of pictures of this mystery part, but there is no evidence that this part exists on the car. I have been told by one person the car does not have one, and another has told me that it has to have one, but has no proof that it does. All I can find is the fuel pressure sensor on the fuel rail.

I’ll describe the problem in a little more detail and maybe get a little light on the subject.

The car takes several cranks to start now. It doesn’t matter how warm or cold the weather is, or if the car has run for hours or just started up, it takes several seconds to start, which is very abnormal for my car. If I prime the pump a couple times before cranking, it will fire right up.

I have been told these are the possibilities.

Fuel pressure regulator
Fuel pump check valve.

The car runs and drives just fine, this problem is just getting a little cumbersome, and I would like to tackle it. And get a straight answer if there is, or is not a fuel pressure regulator on this car.

Thanks gang!

Well, after many phone calls and talking to many techs and whatever, I think I have enough info to determine that there is no fuel pressure regulator on these cars.

So it looks like I may have a check valve in my fuel pump not doing its job, or the fuel pressure sensor may be acting up.