fuel injectors

I have mainly bolt-ons parts on my 98 zx2 and im wanting to upgrade my injectors. I found on zxtuner.com the 19lb ford racing injectors. what the differance in these and my stock. will i tell any performance differance. or can you suggest another type of injectors. here is a list of my bolt ons. if you can think of anything else please list.

AEM underdrive pulley
cold air intake
msd coil pack
msd 8.5 wires
ngk sparkplugs
sensor in intake relocation. forgot what mod its called
unplugged knock sensor
blue superchip
i think thats about it.

You don’t step on the fuel delivery unless the tuning demands it. This is the point at which you need to mount up a wide-band oxygen sensor and drive it hard while somebody who knows what they are looking at watches the A/F values on the wide-band. If you’re coming up lean, then it’s time to plan.

the 19 lb injectors are the same size as stock but the ford racing ones have a different spray pattern some claim increased power off this mod and a peppier response. Unfortunately i can’t verify since i have never this one myself. From what others I’ve talked to that have done this particular mod it requires no chipping or flashing of the stock ecu. Talk to others that have done this mod is what i would recomend such as Rob from zxtuner.com for more details. He should be able to answer your questions better

Ford Racing 19lbs are not worth it. They are just more precise on there spraying patterns to each one. Some times injectors can be around 5 or more percent off. Some people like everything blue printed to be almost exact to each other.