fuel additives

anyone have experience with fuel additives for raising octane(torco products mainly) as opposed to expensive race fuel?

Unless you are using N2O, High compression or high forced induction it isn’t worth it to use octane boosters. Higher octanes are used to avoid pre-detonation.

Ive used nitro Methane before it works good just watch the mixtures. i used a 20% mix to a full tank

yeah i plan on running at least 12 psi… they’re lots of high boosted Hondas in my area but they cant always afford race gas($80 for 5 gallons)
also plan on mixing before i put in tank to ensure i have consistent mix

When it comes to Racing Fuel, purchase a secondary tank and put the race fuel in that. All you need it a switch to turn on the fuel pump for the secondary tank.

Where would the tank mount?

I dont comprimise… dead wieght fuell is heavy

You can put in where the spare tire was. 3 or 5 gal isn’t dead weight, it’s potential!

Hmmm, interesting. After a supercharger mod it defiantly isn’t dead weight.

Is this better/more economical?


what will methanol enhancers do to sensors and people running catconverters?