FS: Unlikely's Stage 4 Turbo Kit Cheap!!!

After waiting for 9 months I finally received my stage 4 kit from Unlikely. I have lost all interest in his kit and I want to go bigger so thats why Im selling it. I have never ran the kit, only bolted it up to my engine to check fitment. The kit includes:

Brand New T3 Super 60- .63 A/R
New Intercooler
JGSTool Manifold with external wastegate flange
Turbonetics Evolution Wastegate
TurboXS RFL blow off valve
Team Rip Pyrometer probe for measuring EGT’s
2.5" piping
3" downpipe
all the couplers and fittings are included too

This kit does not include tuning but tuning can be purchased as a kit from Tom or Unlikey. It will run safe on a stock engine and be able to push over 300hp but I reccomend a built engine for that.

Everything is brand new from Unlikey. This is his “top of the line” kit. Im sure he will honor his warranty and craftsmanship because I havent ran the kit or fully installed it, just bolted it up to the engine. Hopefully he will chime in here and support me and his product while I try to sell it.

The pics:



I am asking $2500 shipped/OBO to the lower 48 states.

Any questions just ask but leave them here in the forum so everyone can see. E-mail is joe_probe@hotmail.com. Thanks

some of us dont need snails to make power :wink:

sup man i was wondering if you would be willing to part out your turo setup iam really interested it the manifold wastegate and all the piping if you are pease let me know iam very interested. thank you. iam new here but i have 100% positive feedback on ebay. thank you again :lol: :shock:

how did u get a stage 4 without tunign eve the stage 3 comes with it… just woundering