Frustrated new owner! Need help.

Hello all. First post here, unfortunately due to problems with the car. It’s a '99 ZX2 sport with auto trans and 74k miles on it. Problem 1: Car stalls at stop when A/C is on. I checked vacuum lines everything looks good. Why this didn’t surface during my test drive I don’t know cause it does it ALL the time. Problem 2: Transmission fluid is leaking from the top of the trans. If you look down from the tubing for the air cleaner assembly there is a valve or screw in something on top of the trans housing and the fluid is coming from there. I’ve never seen this on an auto transmission, what is it? I’m thinking it needs an O-ring or something. Safe to pull this thing out? I hope you guys know what I’m talking about. Thanks for any help. [cheers]

I am not sure about the auto trans, but my ac would surge when on any position other than off and vent (feet) so it could be ac compressor related.