Fresh Meat in the Driveway

Well I put my 240 on Craigslist a couple weeks ago for the hell of it. I posted a ridiculous price and some ridiculous person paid it, which put me in the market for another beater. The next day this car comes up on CL, the next day I’m paying the man cash money for it. I was originally going to MTX swap my 03, but this car is too nice for that IMO. An alignment and a short shifter will make this thing perfect.

98 ZX2: MTX
Hotshot Intake
Kamikaze Header
Borla S/R Muffler
Maxxim 17" wheels (made by Konig) with Falken tires
Progress Springs
Tokico S/R struts (came with an additional brand new set)
Memphis audio 10’s with Memphis Audio amp
Polk Audio door and trunk speakers

Any guesses on what I paid for it?

My guess is about $2500.



i paid 1300. honestly i felt like i was stealing from the guy.

you spin me right round baby right round…

oo different meat… good deal man, any major planz for this one? I’ll buy the header for 50 hah

lol i bet you would. i’ll be getting some small stuff here and there. it needs new exhaust piping and a resonator, so that will happen in the next couple weeks. i already have a b&m shifter and s/r boot coming my way which takes care of the ugly shifter. i will be getting a newer CD player soon too (this old one is not Zune friendly and it already ate one of my CD’s). and my mx-3 seats will come out of the 03 and go into here this wednesday, 03 seats>>>>>98 seats.

the end of the summer could see a lot of mods depending on how much i work.

jeezes that is cheap. I bet you did feel like your stealing from him. 1300 I think most of us would of paid that. Good find and keep us updated.

need moar mx3’s? I could look for some for you

i definitely do not need more mx-3 seats (but thanks for the offer). i only got one set last time because that’s all i could fit in my car. and i still have the MOMO’s in storage that could go in either car.

You guys and your mx3 seats. I bet your pissing off the owners when they go shopping for a seat they need for there car hahha

hah no one drives an MX-3 anyway.

more for us LOL

Like I said, I dont know a thing about cars…

Derek, do I have them in my car? lol :lol:

I want some awesome seats in mine!

Naww I don’t think he put them in your car. Ask for Sparco seats for your car :wink:. Derek will love me for that hahhahahaha

Porsche first, zx2 later :stuck_out_tongue:

my seats are pretty awesome :sunglasses: