Found This...

This website

And it just so happens its a "build your own intake kinda deal and it JUST so happens the escort zx2 is on their list: its under the catalog section and click on modular intake systems

It tells you what specific parts to buy to fit the intake system for the zx2.

Was wondering if this shit was any good because they are making me want to buy their stuff with their cool music and their flashy website they have…

Its probily all flash and no substance??

Your opinion? take your time looking over that stuff please

Oh yeah almost forgot if this shit if good you think i can bridge the intake for branch out into 2 air filters?..More Air more Power??? Right?..Right?

lol, its like a video game page. Very interesting.

yes it is very interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

very flashy and showy, but looks legit.