Forza 2 Racin Online Anyone?


Date: December 28th, 2008
Pacific(Los Ang)- 5pm
Mountain Time-6pm
Eastern(New York)-8pm

-If these times are wrong let me know. I think this is the most available time for everyone. Since it might be to early for some and to late for others. LMK if you have any questions. I will be out of town as of tomorrow and wont be back till that Sunday around 3pm Central time getting stuff ready. Pm, text me, batman signal me, e-mail, aim, xbox live. There are ways if you need me

Ill update this with gamer tags in a second.

Tuned Class C- car
Tuned Class B- car
Tuned Class A- car

It’s up to you guys if you want your own tuned or same as everyone has the same car. I keep getting alot of different feedback so we will go to a voting on that if we can’t figure that out at the time of the event.

I will not be doing any “force options on”. You can choose what you want. Since we will be having a bunch of new guys and older guys that haven’t played a lot I figured this would be fair. I have played with a bunch of you and it seems all agreed on this so we will go with that

-Mugello 6 Laps(Class C)
-Road Atlanta 6 Laps(Class B)
-Laguna Seca 6 Laps(Class A)
-Nuremberg Lap 1 (U class if you guys are feeling up to it)

We for sure can do more races this is just to start off with.

Lets keep it clean for sure anybody doesn’t will be kicked out. I understand a whoops here and there but I have played with other xbox live people out there that are dirty.

Yes a little bit has changed on the rules since previously. Played with a bunch of you guys and this is the feed back I have gotten.

My Xbox Live Gamertag: Krux303

ZX2Motorsports presents: Forza 2 winter contest. Sunday, December 28th, 2008. 5-8pm pacific time.


  • No dirty racing. We expect racers to be kind and courteous. This doesn’t mean we don’t expect you to be competitive. However, this means no purposely swiping another racer into walls or hitting them on purpose. If you do this, you will be immediately disqualified. Accidents happen, it is racing, however, replays will be saved and reviewed if there is any question.

  • There will be 3 distinct races. Tuned C class, Tuned B class and Tuned A class. You can tune any car you wish as long as it fits into these classes, or use several cars for each class as long as it fits these categories. You may not enter the race with anything outside of these categories.

  • There will be no line assists in the races. It will be forced off, this is to prevent people from choosing the same line and potentially causing collisions. Find a line, stick to it, race. We will, however, allow driving assists beyond this such as ABS, Traction control, etc…


C Class Tuned: Mugello 6 Laps

B Class Tuned: Road Atlanta 6 Laps

A Class Tuned: Laguna Seca 6 Laps

U Class: Road America 3 Laps only if there is need for a tie breaker.

Prizes: Special ZX2MS username title of “Winter F2 Champ” with announcement of your victory in the official thread in the forum. Tuned Lotus Cup 240 with full mods for U Class with paint job replica of the Limited British GT Edition Exige.

were did you get the pictures from you dork.

Those are from my photobucket. Screenshots i took while playing.

I am down… Even though I will get owned :wink:

Same, that is when I get a Xbox 360.


go get a xbox run run lol

Careful, I have to be in a good mood before I buy one, being a PS3 fanboy and all. :mrgreen:

ps3 isn’t bad. Sister’s husband had one and it was fun while it lasted. Something weird happen. The blue ray wouldn’t work on it and only the games. Eventually he just got sick of it and traded it in for a xbox 360. But it was nice while it lasted.

That was a good time last night bro. Good warm up’s we did and we had a decent group there over all.

Yeah but that australian kept kicking our asses. Always someone faster out there! :stuck_out_tongue:

I finnaly got my live to work right. Add me derrick and everyone else to your friends. I only play forza. haha. xmbreezy is my gamertag.

I think mine is krux303 or krux…try them…i am always online as well.

So December 28th at 5PM Pacific it sounds like we will be racing. Who is all going to be there???

My first post has been updated with this for the event. A little bit has changed based on the feedback i haven’t gotten with people when playing. I have played with over 10-15 members now so this is what they all wanted. We will go with this. Any questions again pm me, e-mail, aim or xbox live me at krux303

Well TeamZX2 seems to be down for me so I cannot reply there… just saying I am still in for tonight and am gonna be off and on today tuning and working the kinks out of my cars… see you guys later!

i’m glad everyone enjoyed the race.

To the winner: I apologize it may take me a weekend or two to get you the car winning you won. I am INSANELY busy lately and haven’t had a lot of time. You’ll get your car though :wink: