Hey guys… I am planning on starting a forum just for kids in my area and school… I want to create it with my own personalizations but i am not good enough computer wise to do it from scratch. Whats the best place to use a template or options… need a website!!

For a good solid forum that doesn’t totally suck you will probably want your own host that supplies you with a cpanel (short for control panel) that has “PHPBB” forums which are super easy to use, make, modify and control.

However, hosting does cost money…

Otherwise you could search or google some free places to host it but then it’ll be a longass url like

well maybe not that long.

Try i’m not sure on how to set up their particular forum (or if they cost anything) but i’ve seen a few forums there. I do know phpbb pretty easily and well as I’ve moderated 6 different forums and own my own under phpbb so if you need any help with any phpbb stuff let me know.