Fort Edward NY 2nd gen not zx2

Some of your might remember me from teamzx2, escort racing, team erdt and some of the other sites. Moved from texas about 11 months ago and pretty much fell off the face of the earth.
I still am not really up in action yet but just wanted to say hi and see what everyone is up 2?

Do you still have the zx2 bro?

Well Hello there! Welcome back to zx2ms and welcome to NY!

I remember your screen name from a while back. We have some great changes coming up! Derek gave me some good news yesterday, however I havent looked through all new posts yet to see if he announced it.

out of curiosity, why NY? I see your north of Saratoga Springs, I think your about 2 hours away from me.

Whats up. I’m from albany.

I actually grew up in Minerva 1 hour north of here, went in the Army back in '94. Reason i moved back up is for several family medical reasons, but here i am. Just need to get back into operation.
I will get some pics up as soon as i can, i am sure some of u have already seen my car. I have been in the escort seen for over 8 years now.

I’ve probably never seen it, only been in the scene for about 3 years lol.

i have a few pics up now in the photoforum so u might check them there