Ford Racing Aluminum intake manifold

Direct bolt on new in box Fr200 aluminum intake manifold fits Escort ZX2 and Focus comes with all fittings installed. No modification needed to install.

How much???I’ll give you $300

im sorry i can’/t do that have you priced them from ford racing try 850.00 with tax

Ive seen them from $450-$500.00 !!!Your full of you know what !!! …bump!

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I could be wrong but those are the IM’s that were discontinued by Ford Racing. I believe the ones Jayco is offering are the new ones from the FR200 Focus.

Regardless, its the same thing!!!

The Z720 is discontinued, Good luck finding one!!

I’ve tried several sites that have it listed. As far as the newer ones that are for sale, I’ve never seen for under 700.00

I agree that the price is crazy since it’s not changed that much, other than the fact you don’t need to modify it to use it on the ZX2. BUT the simple fact still remains, the price on these new FRIMs has increased exponentially, and the price change has come from Ford Racing, Not Jayco, or any other dealer of the new FRIM.

PS if anyone can find one of the old ones for under 500 I’ll give ya 50 over invoice for it!!! (sorry not meaning to thread jack) just making a point.

no its not

Thank you for backing me up!

thanks for straightning out the poor misguided newbie, if i could get them cheaper i would sell them cheaper. When i got this one it came to 850.00 with sales tax…

Who you calling a newbie? I like that , thats funny ~

Ohy boy… here we go…

I’m sure it’s not worth the argument, but I’m pretty sure the term n00b was used due to the fact that the $400.00 FRIM has not been in production for over a year, the term n00b may not have been the correct one, but there was a tad bit of an argument made based on mis-information.