Ford no longer heads Ford

[QUOTE=Quiggs]I’ll try to find a longer article. I think this just happened a few minutes ago.

^ New dude.

Edit: Extended Wall Street Journal article…

???.. For Bill Ford to pull out suddenly like that, something BIG is going to happen SOON!

No…Bill annouced that about a week ago.
The new guy is the same guy who turned around boeing (profitable).

We’ll 1st thing should be is fire the dfesigners and hire some of us.
Ford needs a kick in the pants and start making cars ppll want.

Damn skippy.

…and bring back the Zx2 as a sports car.

X2 they even have designs on the boards 4 it like the ZX2 NR and the Focus ZX2
all they need is at least 225 hp and they have a competive sport compact

That would definitly compete with the Honda Civic Si.

i agree with all of u the ZX2 should be brought bck and as we all know it wont take much to get it to the 225 hp or close. cuz rite now i fell that the focus is trying to take over and im not happy with that i preffer the looks and style of the ZX2 :sunglasses: