Ford Copys Toyota

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About 8 years too late, but better late than never, I guess… Falcon, cough Focus RS cough, Fiesta, and Mondeo FTW!

Well they aren’t copying the cars, just the business model, sounds like the new ceo has his head on straight really… sounds like he’s gonna clean house.

That goes with the info I have on all this. In relationship to the Focus Coupe

Might be time to release a little more Mike?

Might be time to release a little more Mike?

Don’t get in trouble again Mark. Mike might just put you in the doghouse. :evil:

Im always in trouble… btw I was in trouble? I dont remember. dont mind me, im well on my way to be ineebriated.

As am I!


I’m glad to see this happening. I really hope Ford becomes a good car company again. While I have a feeling they won’t be bringing much over to the States, maybe we will see a better lineup of cars.