For you that don't know my car

Here are some pic’s of my zx2. I have owned it since 2003 when I was a junior in high school. She is my love and my joy. With this I will keep her for many years to come. Here they are and enjoy

Also I have been working on this. I just don’t only do zx2’s, I do also other cars yet like keeping it in the Ford family

My daily driver

Trade you my vehicles for yours.?

You get, a zx2, a mustang, a truck, and a bike. You down? :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha. I like my car’s. Tonight im going to be working on my fathers stang that is like your’s. Its a 1981 Ghia with a 2.3 in it. Right now the seal blew on rear of the tranny so I will have to drop the driveshaft off. The car really hasn’t been on the road since I was 10 years old. So next year hopefully I can get her running were she is driveable all the time.

Good luck dude lol. Mine has so much work I don’t even think I want to do it… its almost not worth it for a car I could just buy again for the money I’d need to put into this one.

Really your stang? Post some pics up. I would love to see it. I think I have seen it once it was under a sheet or a tarp of something. There fun…what motor and such?

Just a 5.0… nothing special. I’ll get some pictures of it for ya

Sounds good. I like a bunch of cars and see how they turn out. I think thats the best part of a project car since it can go in so many ways. Ill have to get updated pic’s of my dads stang as well. Right now its on jacks and getting stuff cleaned out. Some times I swear its easier pulling the motor and cleaning it up in one shot vs just trying to get it running some what. Than again he doesn’t want to spend a crap load of money on it either.

I need to get the front end straightened and the b pillar straightened too. Actually, I am going to ask aboutt hat right now.


Post some pic’s of cappy. I would like to see how she looks. Always intersted at looking at the mustang family since I am/will be today again working on my dads fox body.

I will I will. haha.

Nice car’s Krux!

ehh its ok…

jk, nice ride

thank you thank you. Not sure what to do with her yet. I might go with alittle more bolt on’s. Ill never sell her…i love’z her too much. I’ll have to get more pic’s of my dads stang that is getting re-done. Its starting to come around. I love working on cars.

Oh btw…i promote you guys to throw up some of your pics of the projects or your car as well .I love looking at peoples creativity when it comes to this stuff.

Nice rides, both of em!

Thank you. Nice to see you around the site still. I thought you left

I did for a bit, had to sort out a few things. But I’m trying to come back!

happy to see ya. Post some stuff up of your cars when you get a chance.

Did you remove the back seat altogether?