For Sale--ZX2 Turbo kit- Homemade

E-mail me at I do not frequent this site often.

Asking Price $1200 or best offer, not willing to part out unless everyone is willing to buy a part. Shipping may or may not be included in price.

-Turbonetics/Roush t3/t4 turbo BRAND NEW
-OEM focus manifold modified for a t3 flange with external waste gate flange.
-(4)Siemens Delta 60lb Injectors
-Ebay 38mm External wastegate w/ 8psi spring
-t3/t4 exhaust flange with internal waste gate block off.
-Custom downpipe(not finished)
-Ebay intercooler and piping
-2 knock of Blow off valves with recirculation pieces.

-4 wire MAF, Not sure on how big, but it’s very big and will work.
-Glow shift gauges tinted boost gauge
-Extra exhaust bung holes(lol)
-Manifold gaskets(to block and to turbo)
-Vacuum tree for all your vacuum hook ups.
-Xcal2- Unlocked.
-Manual Boost Valve

Notes-The down pipe is not finished, neither is the the external wastegate dump. Modifying may be necessary. The reason I am selling is because im moving on to bigger and better things… A GTO. Suck my LS1.

(not actual turbo)