For Sale: TB, PCM, 98 Fuel rail and more!

This stuff needs to go as for I am in serious need of money!

Pacesetter shorty header(rewelded the holes)-50(shipped)payment pending
MTX Throttle body-40(shipped)
98 style fuel rail-$30(shipped)
Charcoal passenger air bag-$80(shipped)
Valve cover with plastic spark plug cover-40(shipped)*Feeler
Black drivers side door-100 bucks+shipping
Charcoal drivers side door interior, roll up windows-40 bucks
keyless entry remote-$10(shipped)
2 sub 12 inch Subwoofer box-$60 (shipped)
Premium sound amp and headunit-$40(shipped)
Stock radiator w/ no leaks but with some battle wounds-$50(shipped)
Black pocket thing underneath stereo-$20(shipped)
Black rear bumper with support-$60 plus shipping
Black trunk lid-$60 plus shipping
Charcoal steering wheel shaft cover-$30(shipped)
stock alternator(good condtion)-$70(shipped)
4 wire MAF-$30(shipped)
MTX 4 wire MAF PCM-$40(shipped)
ATX 6 wire MAF PCM-$40(shipped)
Stock Struts, good condtion-100(shipped-heavy)
More will be added…

PM me with OBO. I will only sell to the UNITED STATES. Please no pointless posts.

Hey bud can you come down on the Valve cover price? Im really interested if you could