for sale stuff?

where would i put stuff for sale … i got a motor, tranny and interior i needto get rid of or its getting junked


What color is that interior?

What’s up with the motor? mileage, damage? how much?

grey interior, motor has 120k and runs strong, new maf , ford racing wires and low temp thermo ( not installed but included ) i dunno about how much just throw me an offer … and i will ship as long as you pay for shipping

any guess on how much shipping would cost to 54961? I’m sure way more than I’d like to spend huh

i got a qoute from small business transport and it said around 229

Which grey are we talking about? the lighter grey or the almost black graphite grey?

the light grey … im swapping it out for the black or graphite

[b]Damn…I want to do the same thing you are. BUT, maybe you can help me with something.



auto or man. tranny? everything good on it? if auto, how much shipped to 40511? thanks

nevermind man, dad found a wrecked 4 door for pretty cheap with the tranny (no motor though) so he went ahead and bought it. so i guess if anyone needs anything from that its all up for grabs as of now. all i know about it is the roof is smashed in???

the motor runs good huh? where are you from again? if shippings 229 how much would you want for the motor? i cant think of an offer, maybe my brother(gitt24_84) will split it and build up the motor

well i dunno if yellows/r still wants it or not but i was going to charge 150 i just need to get it out of the car …

Srry man. I dont have the money anymore. U can put it up again. I got an invader kit used for $200 and jumped on it. I just dont have the room for it either. Again, sorry for not e-mailing you back about it.

its cool … if any one wants it 150 and if you want it shipped i need shipping and crate material cost and at least two weeks time to get it out of the car ( i work 6 am to 2 pm mon-fri and some sat for overtime and then i go to school 7pm to 12 am mon-thur so time is very limited for me ) ohh i will also deliver with up to a 50 mile radius for gas and a little extra to discuss at time of payment

i’ll have to talk to my brother if he would be interested in going in on it with me, guess i will also shop around local, cuz i would rather have a totaled car for a part card

hey i need a few interior parts, the panel that holds the ac vents in the passanger side, and ALL or as many as u can spare, clips for the panels in the car. and if u have parts for the mtx i could use some mtx swap parts.

[url=] ... pic=4646.0[/url]

thers what i still need, if u have any of that, im in Louisiana, just let me know on here. thanks.

i dont have interior parts anymore… no one wanted em so i junked em

I’ve got almost every interior part, however they are painted and kinda bubbling. interested?

Would you be willing to make a deal on those ford racing wires?