For Sale - '98 ZX2

If anyone’s on here from upstate NY, my daughter is selling her ZX2. It’s currently in Ithaca, but will be coming to place my near Canandaigua, NY if there isn’t any action soon.

Here’s the ad on Craigslist. Responses to it come to me.


I convinced her it was worth the $600 to have the front suspension (ball joints, tie rod ends, etc.) repaired and hang onto the car for now.

So it lives on!

An eminently wise decision, you can’t replace ‘em for that kind of money. It’s one of the reasons I hang onto my old Mexican Mazda. The maintenance is fairly cheap, it almost never breaks down. They don’t bend valves and get good fuel economy, even when I’m lead footin’ it in traffic with the rest of the combat commuters.