For Sale 3,1989, 5.5x15 ZX2 swirl pattern wheels great shape

For Sale: I have 3 swirl pattern silver painted factory 5.5 x 15 wheels off of a 1998 Escort ZX2 that I did a 7x17 wheel upgrade on. I have spun them up on a Hunter balancer and they are straight and true. Two have no curbs scuff at all and basically are perfect and 1 has a very minor curb scuff that I have touched up with paint and you can’t hardly even see it. It is not bent and runs true. I have one good BFG 195/55x15 traction radial T/A mounted on one of the wheels if you want it. It has more than half of the tread in good shape left on it. $25ea on the wheels and an extra $10 if you want the tire.

How much for shipping to 54961? I’m very interested

I would like to grab one of those, but it will be a couple weeks.

Seen those on craigslist too!