Focus head on a ZX2?

Hey I kinda of have a weird question. I was sitting around at work, lol. and I got to thinking about supercharging a ZX2. I know of coarse that nobody makes a supercharger for the ZX2, but they do for the Focus. It won’t fit cause our heads have a different bolt patterens for the intake manifold. So my question is can you put a Focus head on a ZX2 since the bottom end is supposed to be the same. I don’t know for sure about the bottom end being the same, as I have never checked it out myself but that is what I hear.

Yea, I heard that focus’s have the same bottom end also, i wouldnt be supprised if it did, but… I believe the compression ratio would be changed and you would probably have to get different connecting rods? (not shure) to change the gap between the piston and head, I’d say email scottwurkz. He may know, he seems to know more than most others about our cars.

It might actually be easier to just get a custom flange for your intake made. Just get the existing flange cut off and get the custom one welded back on. Not shure if that is the problem either. Not much help. O yea CHECK OUT that one would probably be the easiest one to addapt.

You know focussport has been working with cosworth on a new porting regimen for improved flow on their zetec heads.

I dont know if anyone knows about this site. But Roy Gude From http://WWW.Gude.Com builds a hell of a zx-2 head. If you get his Head package, 4-2-1 header, and 2.5" exhaust, and a plan Jane Intake you will have your self a high 13 sec zx-2. I think he was going to set me up for everything except the intake for $1620.00. Head package includes high comp head w/ large valves, cams, intake manifold, and T-Body. Its a killer deal. Just waiting on the green now.

Ok My bad I have never heard a bad thing about Gude. But it looks like other members on this site have heard alot of bad things about him and his products.

I dont necessarily know that its a bad reputation he carries… I think its more of a sub-par collection of parts, for some it works others cant get it to work.

the blocks and internals are the same on both zetec engins but the heads are set up diffrentty youll havce to run a egr valve and a new pcm to run every thing if you really want S/C i believe rob from is working on the poweerworks S/C for the svt focus working on the zx2 and a company in denver called SSE is fitting there twin screw set up to work

What ever happened to the supercharger offered by Jackson Racing through

the focus head will fit the zx2 the only difference is that you have to change the timing belt idler and tensioner pulley the belt is the same…

You are positive about this? Do you know of a working installation? My ZX2 needs a new head, and it is so much easier to get a zx3 head than a zx2…please provide any detail you may know of as my car is stranded as of today…Thanks!

BTW my ZX2 is a 2002

i have two redone focus heads and a zx2 head and who is it that says the mounting flange is different from a zx2 and a focus, i have both heads laying here…

Could you take a pic of the zx2 and zx3 heads side by side?

I’d like to see the actual physical differiences.