focus 5 speed in a zx2

I am trying to adapt a focus five speed into my 98 zx2. I can get the thing to bolt up but the mounts do not fit niether do the axles any one know hwere I can get these parts or if this has been done before.

you’ll need:
custom axles
modify the lower crossmember by flipping and redrilling the bolt pattern
welding in a location for the lower torque mount
cable shifter
custom hydraulic lines to the slave cyl.
focus flywheel, pilot bearing, crank position sensor w/ bushing, and clutch assy

there was a guy around the temazx2 boards that did this swap, we made custom axles for him then (can’t anymore - blame china). i believe his screen name was jezjones.


i have a focus flywheel if your interested.

so it took almost a year to find some one to make the axles for me but the car is done and the mtx-75 is in the car and driving if any one want to do this swap in t he future call me and I will help you out as much I can. If I am in a good mood I might just sell you the drive train out of my car so that can just bolt up and go.

Nice dude! You have any pics of the install?

+1 i’d love to see some pics

x2, that’d be epic.

Pics/how to would be sweettastic!