Fitting 3 cars in a 2 car garage.

Well its getting cold out in NJ and my house garage is filled with four quads, So i can’t pull my car in all the way. So I decided i’d squeeze both Z’s in my dad’s garage along side of my mom’s 81 corvette that is being restored by my dad. I had to first of all move the huge frame machine from the center of the garage(orange thingy). Then i have to fadangle the white Z enough so I can still work on it but get the black zx2 in… Well I did it! lol

Yes that’s mud in my muffler to the white Z, yes i know my hood latch is broken on the black and yes i know i spray painted the black Z’s hood. Lol

the white car looks good with the swirlies, a rarity of swirly applications :slight_smile:

lol they’re on there to move the car around, love the monster truck lift too right?

truthfully i didn’t even notice :frowning:

Well 18’’ rims will take up the space with a drop with ground control coil overs! yay.

Looks cozy, better that frost bitten metal.

That’s cool your dad likes doing cars as well. Looks like you guys have a lot of projects on your hand. How much more do you have left to do on the white zx2? Looks like the corvette has a lot more to go as well.

Well my dad usually uses the garage to do auto body as a side job. But due to him getting old and lazier, he hasn’t really worked on much besides the corvette. The vette just needs paint now. It’s all primed up. The vette also needs a new interior and t-tops, since those are finished.

The white Z needs more parts like the turbo manifold welded, a down pipe, injectors, the oil pan tapped into, just a lot of little stuff. I see it being done in february.

Oh, and since im in the garage, doesn’t mean it’s warm lol. Concrete floor ftl, I have to get kerosene for the heaters. Stuff stops working when it freezes in there. (like the huge jack we have that can lift a car 4 feet high. lol

Yea its appears to be a metal siding building. They do get cold and it sucks trying to heat them up if thats the case. If you get it heated up…you should be putting in a long day in that garage haha.

lol. you got it. Usually my dad gets the kersone for the 2 heaters, but im too lazy to do that. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm, so it’ll be a good day to work in there.