Finally went on a much needed long ride.

Me and the fiance took off today for 3 hours on the Ducati on a nice ride up to one of my favorite roads. Every winter it usually leaves downed trees, boulder in the road, debris and usually snow and ice. We got almost all the way towards the road to the top before we encountered those conditions, but holy hell it was fun!

She’s ridden with me once before for a brief ride. I just did all the maintenance on the Ducati last night and then decided to get it ready for today. She’s a freaking natural at it, you’d think she’s ridden before she’s very fluid with leaning with me and moving with me so the whole ride was a ton of fun other than the fact that I’m horribly and noticeably out of shape.


Still a TON of snow up there, but fun!

Glad you had fun! Time to get mine out!

Man that trip looks fun man. I use to do that kind of trips with friends back in the day. Now there all grown up and don’t do it anymore…which is funny since were only 21. What camera did you guys use…since pretty sharp pics?

My fiance brought along her Nikon D40