FINALLY - Pirelli tires.

Stock dunflops on my ninja were pissing me off.

I went out and bought some nice pirelli tires:

Went to the local fairgrounds, walked into the administration office, asked them nicely if i could wear my tires in there, got a yes and off i went.

Mile long parking lot… no cars except on the far side… all to myself…

Broken in i FINALLY got to see some of the scenery… went to mckay creek but it was closed :frowning: but i did snap this shot on the move

Here’s the result at the end of the day, almost no chickenstrip.
Not looking directly from the top of the tire virtually almost NO chickenstrip! You can also note that the chickenstrip is right near the edge of where the tread starts to end :slight_smile: Not bad for a day’s work.

Nice…cool bike.

glad you were able to enjot at least one more ride

edited: i apoligise derek nothin personnal

deleted sorry buddy i need to not take things personally.

Look at those chicken strips! Get that bike over buddy!!!


It’s an ex250. No excuse for chicken strips at all :smiley:

I learned on one, very fun, hated topping at 108 on the highway at 14 grand though. I ragged the hell out of that motor

I’m loving my pilot powers on my ZX6