FINALLY my search for a Wii is OVER!

So i’ve been looking for one of these S.O.B’s now for almost 2 months. The first time I heard about the wii i laughed and called it a joke. “Thats a stupid ass concept, how fun can it be and how ACCURATE can a f*cking remote be to play with.”

Months passed by and i started seeing some of the games coming out and thought “Huh, thats kinda cool…” I started looking around. Finally, one day in the store i was checking out some PC games, ended up buying the warhammer 40k strategy game and noticed a wii on the shelf, some kid went over and was picking it up, it was the only one. I said “Are those things even that great?” as pessimistic as I was towards the system.

The kid said “Yeah, actually the controllers are really neat, easy to use and the games are sweet. Graphics are good… you know… its pretty sweet” and we got into an engaged conversation about the wii. So I actually was pretty impressed, apparently the kid played one at a friend’s house and was hooked on it since.

So after that I couldn’t find one, period. It was like the little bastards didn’t exist in stores. For the last month i’ve called every game store, shopping mall, and electronics stores that “stocks” them and they always say “They are totally out” or “you just missed it, they’re gone.” or “nintendo is behind on making them.”

Now after I got hooked after seeing more reviews on G4 tv i WANTED one like nothing else. The launch of the PS3 was out, i played that but really was kind of like “meh” and wasn’t too impressed other than the fact that the graphics were kick ass but i felt like i was playing a pumped up PS2 on steroids but still wasn’t that big of a deal. The wii actually did intrigue me more. My buddy has a 360, played that, cool, whatever, I WANTED A WII!

Finally, after all this searching on my day off I made the call once again to nearly every store in central oregon. Fred meyer, walmart, eb games, gamequest, sears, target, electronic stores, circuit city and even staples knowing they didn’t carry them but had some hope.

My wife said: “Derek, you know… my boss has a costco card and we need one. Maybe if we go down there THEY will have them.”

I said “Naw, i doubt it.” she said “Well last time she went down there she said they had a PILE of playstations and xbox 360s in a mountain of games.” i went “Oh?”

Out of a strange thought I called their meat department up. They have no phone down there in their electronics so i called up the meat department and said “Can you get someone from electronics on the phone?” they said “Ummmm i suppose, sure, hang on.” and made me wait on hold for about 5 minutes or so. Someone picks up the phone and said “Yeah hi, i heard you had an electronics question?” I said “Yes, I do not have a membership, but if you can tell me that you have the nintendo wii in stock i’ll be down there and i’ll get one.”

He said “Wow you called just in time, we literally got a shipment in about 15 minutes ago, there is 30 of them here. If you come down and bring a method of payment we accept we’ll approve you on the spot and you can get in and come get one.”

I went down, brought cash as they didn’t take visa… what a pain in my butt… got a card, and by the time we got there (LITERALLY took us 35 minutes to do this all, i had my eye on the clock and knew they’d be gone if i didn’t get there soon) there was 9 of them left when i got done getting my card and got there to grab on. I snagged one off the display and went “WHOOHOO!” of course everyone looked at me odd but we went and picked out some games.

I can safely say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the funnest console i have EVER FREAKING PLAYED! I’ve played everything from oldschool atari to nintendo, the newer consoles, oldschool playstation, ps2, ps3, xbox, 360, jaguar, sega, etc… nothing i have played is as fun as the freaking wii. The controller is accurate, the bluetooth just flat out rocks, the way they use it in so many ways with so many games is just insanely fun, even first person shooters are feaking awesome!

After about a month and a half (almost 2 months) of searching, I FINALLY got a Wii! These things are IMPOSSIBLE to find! If you’re lucky enough to find one, grab it!


I can’t way to play raving rabits, and the online functions are sweet too. You can download old school NES, SNES and N64 games, plus the Wii can accept those small ass gamecube disks as well. I look foward to getting one too.

Sweet. Our friend from church (our drummer actually…) got one a while back…said he just walked in someplace and walked out with one. I’m kinda interested in playing, but whatever…I want a 360 so I’m ready for Halo 3 and, if they bring it out, Halo Wars…

  • Darron

It’s amazing how many people have turned to the Wii. So many people were pesstimistic about it and about Nintendo in general. Another thing, people love telling their stories about it or the gameplay. I have always heard good things.

Local News (WNY):
A guy gets a call from his buddy saying that he got his Christmas bonus and is getting a flat screen TV and a Wii. Says: “why don’t you come over after work and check this out.” So the guy gets to his buddy’s house thinking the Wii is a pathetic system and figured he would be out of his buddy’s house in half an hour. 7 hours later he went home and straight to bed. He said, “We were playing and about 10 minutes in, I’m sweating. I take off the tie, then the dress shirt, borrow a pair of sweats and a T-shirt and never looked at the time. The next morning I was in some disconfort from all the physical activite I did playing the Wii. I’ll be picking one up for myself tomarrow.”

Some guy lost 15lbs within a week of owning his Wii.

Though the graphics and games can’t always be compared to PS3 or Xbox360, the Wii has found a new niche in the gaming world. Hats off to Nintendo; they finally got a real winner.

OH man, Mirroguardian no doubt there!

I’ve been doing the wii sports and a lot of mini games on some of them and it’s INSANE how much i ache the next day when i play the darn thing for hours on end. Its physically the most interactive thing EVER! It even has fitness programs and stuff on some of the games.

Very cool indeed! How can you hate enjoying a video game AND getting a workout at the same time as opposed to sitting on your ass?

im totally lazy…

Do you not remember the NES? Back then, Nintendo was all there was. SNES? Yeah. Both real winners. But after that… LoL

I dunno, the N64 had a few ok titles. Goldeneye was an awesome multiplayer game.



Anybody hear about a lady in CA dying an hour after a contest to win a Wii from some radio station? I guess she got like water poisoning or something. The contest I guess was to drink water and the last one to wee won a Wii…sad…

  • Darron

Yea, weren’t there like MAD amounts of people getting fired?

yeah Jennifer something or other passed away due to Water Poising also known as Water Intoxication. This is just like Alcohol Poisioning where the osmosity (ability for cells to absorb water) becomes reversed from washing electrolytes out of your body. It is possible to kill yourself from drinking too much water.

If anyone wants any info about this I have plenty. I researched this because of the field I work in we have alot of people that have a condition called Polydipsia (Poly = “many”, Dispsia = “drink”). This condition causes the person to have a constant urge to drink.

It is possible to kill yourself from drinking too much water.

…Yeah, It’s called drowning.

Just messing with ya.

actually… its overhydration. drowning would be taking water into your lungs.