finally got some goodies for the z

Finally after all these years of dealing with the stockies i bit down and got new wheels.

Out of curiosity did you find those in four lug or did you do a five lug conversion? :? Either way those rims are bad! ( Bad=good) :sunglasses:

they make them in 4 lug or 5.

cool, any pics of them installed?

How much they weigh?

Not yet. They come in friday and i get them mounted then. However it is not the season for them I will at least mount them and snap some snazzy pics of them and then remount the studs on it haha!

I am not entirely sure how much they weigh, the guy told me around 10 or 11 lbs per wheel. I will know for sure when I weight them myself with the rubber on them :stuck_out_tongue: He said “most definitely lighter than those heavy SOBs we put back on there…” when i ordered them.

I think those will look really nice on the car. What will they be raped in?

Those are nice, are they 15"s? 11lbs is superlight, I really like them.

I’ve got some extra kumho ecsta supras that have been sitting in a barn for like a year covered up… I may put the kumhos back on, but i also have some other brand tires (don’t remember what they are) that are just some sport-touring tires that I may put back on, we’ll see… if i do the kumho i gotta get another 2 as i only have 2 (burned the other 2 up) so most likely whatever i had on it.

I lost 8lbs per wheel with my rims over stock, I love it , you will feel the difference as soon as you install them…nice buy

Wow the stockes are THAT heavy? damn! I’m excited to feel the difference, should be nice!

I get them tomorrow evening! I’m gonna go detail her and mount them at my parent’s place long enough to snap some pictures and then put my stockies back on as they have my studs on them.

Congrats, Derek. I just purchased some 16 inch Titanium Flik FTD’s.

You will get to use yours WAAAAY before I and mine. Lucky bastard.

Thats funny, I pritty much replace rims when I replace the tires. I tend to bend them.

:-D ...Those are sweet

BEND them? dear god man lol you wreck or something how do you manage that?

Updated! Look at these gorgeous puppies! I LOVE THEM!

Damn… those are nicer than in the first pick. How much did they run you? Good catch, brother.

$400 for everything.

He just rocks our car hardcore. Like I told a fellow tuner, Hondas are an easy kill, but theres just so damn many of em!

F*#king sweet.

Sweet dude. Look good.

  • Darron
...Hondas are an easy kill, but theres just so damn many of em!

Around here we call them belly-button cars. Everyone has one!