Finally got a name on here

Kinda new here, pics of my car

that’s a tight z. how much $ spent

I like how clean it looks under the hood.

to start out the car was $17k brand new in 2002 every option cept leather
in the exterior probably bout 3.5k
interior probably round 800
engine around 300

only 36k miles on it, i hose the engine out every couple weeks and hit it with a good coat of armor all, that pic was taken while the engine was dirty

that pic was taken while the engine was dirty

BAHHAHAHAHAHAAA. Damn man thats a clean bay!

God I love those green ones.

mmm looks good I like it… Looks like your rear drums need a repaint or you should just upgrade to rear disks :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yummy! I like it! I agree with the others, your engine bay is super clean. How much time did you spend getting it to look that good? I like your rims too.


That’s tight dawg. Which hood is that? I love it.

  • Darron

wow, u spent a shit load of money on the car (in total)

it’s the af/x hood with the scoop cut open,
yea i spent a lot on it so far and even more soon to come, redoin the interior really soon and probably gonna fiberglass some pieces, also collectin parts for my hydros, should have it all ready to go by early summer

nice i like it it looks good

Did your car come with the sunroof or did you have it done. I have been thinking about having a sunroof installed in my z. But I havent really checked out cost.

X2, plus how’d you get the fuel door?

it came with the sunroof and the gas door is off a tiburon, i’ll post new pics later

A how to for that would be neat, there are a few junked Tibs near my area.

i would make a write up but it is all body work to get it to fit the curve is different then ours, but i got new pics of my car with hydros and new wheels and shave plate

Looks good dude :wink: I like it. Where about do you live again?

Well…he’s somewhere around me (OH plate says so) :slight_smile: Although he could still be as far as 4hrs away. lol

  • Darron

i live in Akron its about an hour south of cleveland and like 10mins away from summit racing