Finally Done

Yep…finally done doing this beast of a bike ha ha.

Story time:
Bought the bike in August of this year(first bike). I loved it yet I knew eventually I would do something different to it. Never thought about going this far into but I did. Total cost around 300 bucks I think or less. Cheap when you do everything yourself for the most part. Pictures speak for itself. I wont say its a 100 percent perfect…yet for what I have and how I criticize myself so hard it came out good everyone has said. Couple of guys have said "omg I just went in my pants’ when seeing it. Kind of funny seeing people’s reactions.

Bike:1994 F2 19xxx miles.



“out of the blue, into the black”

Nicely done.

Looks sweet

looks hellva lot better IMO

Thanks Piss

Wheres the darn like button?!? Looking good!

lol :lol:

Hahah you could of always just added me on facebook if you wanted to do that. Jason Lundin

pff nobody uses facebook :lol: