saw this on a nother forum and had to post it here

HA! Though I love that steering wheel. I’ve been tossing around an idea like that for mine.

A ricer V8… Should throw a Type R/GTR badge on there for good measure. Sorry to anyone who likes this its just dumb… This owner should be beat with that steering wheel.

Another case of mistak’n identity.

I’d love it if it didn’t have all the Ferrari badges on it…what a retard.

  • Darron

He could have had fun with it. Get the badge enlarged and have a guy with a spear, stabbing the horse.

“Ferrari Killer”

That would have been hilarious.

It does look good I will admit, but the ferrari thing is just stupid. What he did should be illegal.


I’m filled with an “if only I had thank kinda money” feeling. :x


I would hope that if you had that kind of money you wouldn’t give a car a case of mistaken identity…or some of us just might have to lay the smack down on you;)


LOL, oh man, I hope you would all put aside your personal feelings and put me out of my misery! :smiley: No, I meant if I had that kinda money to invest in the things I wanted to do to my Z.

And Melinda’s car.

And invest in a friggin house.


my personal opinion- if he’d gone in and taken out the Corvette engine and threw the Ferrari one in there- then the whole look would be awesome. But since it’s still a Corvette- not so cool. I do like all the black and yellow though. The “Ferrari Killer” thing would have been cool as well, as long as it can back up being able to take down Ferraris. I don’t mind when people put stuff from other cars on there as long as they have reason to. Like that ZX2 that had the Mazda 6 front end- I didn’t mind the Mazda badge since the whole front end was a Mazda. And a bunch of other people freaked out and was like “Take the Mazda badge off, it’s a Ford.” When I get done with my Protege front, you bet it’s gonna have a Mazda badge in the grille instead of a Ford one.

See, I’ve decided to follow rule #9 of the code: Do not draw extreme attension to yourself. If I drop anything other than a 4 banger into my Z, no one will know about it till their car is spitting gravel out of its intake.

Yeah I let the ricers have their stickers. Personaly I like less on a car. Clean and cut… I regret putting a huge zx2 ont he side of my red car when I did. This winter it is coming off. Anyways though to each his/her own. If you like your car thats all that matters. I just like clean cut cars.

Ditto. I didn’t mean any disrespect to those who have added visuals to their cars.

I agree clean is nice:) I like nice and simple, save all the extreme stuff for performance :evil:
I was just kidding Darth, gotta poke fun sometimes ya know? I know what you mean though, it would be nice to have whatever money on hand to do what you wanted, but alas. Maybe someday…


I swear, right here and now. When I become rich and famous I’m gonna A: make a good racing movie featuring a ZX2 as the hero car, and B: at the end have everyone here and their Z be extras in it. :mrgreen:

HOLLA! Tigress and I will be there for ya Darth.

~PSSSTT!!!~ Can my car be the hero? :roll:

  • Darron

I"ll be the bad guy. Or the quiet one that everyone fears to race.

Nope thats mine just creeping in out of the dark all you see is the lights under my hood and hear the exaust roaring in the darkness. Everyones like who the F is that. then a honda gets a oil leak. and the owner goes “NOt again”