Ok, so I kinda wrecked the side of my car… and my dad thinks that z3 fenders would look really cool, and I gotta fix one fender anyway… so where do I get z3 fenders for cheap?? and do they have any fitment problems? I don’t know how much working with them maaco will do, lol.

i dont know where to get them, but do your self a faver… don’t go to fucking maaco…

You WILL get the worst paint job ever. I dont care what anyone says. I had a car that had a maaco paint job… it was terrible. find a local ‘professional’ to do your work, you’ll be so much happier in the end.

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Not all sites have Z3 fenders, but here are a few links. I’m sure others will respond on locations for you.

I like the laser fenders from VisRacing. Go to http://www.teamzx2.com/index.php?option … pic=1820.0 to see diff pics. Just scroll down through, and ull get to the fenders part, then go to page 2 and see a pic of the laser fenders.

I think I found the same fenders on ebay for $110, or some other place for $160… but wutever.

Yeh, I don’t really wanna get a maaco job… but these were the estimates… Ford… $1500… weird private owned place… $1600… another one… $2100… Maaco… $1000… and since I only make $300 every other week, and nobody’s helping me and I’m spending ALL my christmas money on fixing my stupid car… I think I can deal with being pissed about a nasty paint job

those are step prices the guy painting my zx is doing the facia.hoodand fenders 4 750$

yea, the “best” mayco paint job is $1000 and has a 5 year warranty w/ urethane paint. I was thinking about it. B/C i was figuring everyone was being cheep getting the $250 paint job and then that chipping off.

I understand about the 300$ a everyother week job thing… I’ve been there.

but seriously, maaco is the worst at painting. Every paint job I have ever seen come from there looks like crap.

if the car is driveable, drive it till you got enough money. just maybe try to primer and clear coat any bear spots. I would hate to see you walk away with a paintjob you hate, and be pissed and lose interest in your car.

and those prices are steep for 2 fenders. I would check with them again, and see if they werent selling you the whole car painted. I doubt that maaco would deal with fitment issues of body kit parts, but you can always check and see.

its a grand for the WHOLE car. EXACTLY what I want. I hit an electric fence (wires only luckly, no poles) back in spring.

Well see, I guess I forgot to say that they’re repairing the rear quarter panel too, that’s why it’s so expensive… and if I’m paying them to fix it… I guess I need them to paint it too… and I don’t know how much it’s gonna go up when I ask them to replace both fenders instead of 1… but they arent buying a fender anymore… so I’m really clueless, o wel

I might b gettin off w/ only paying 1g for a 3g paint job. It all depends on what happens when my friend talks to his cousin who owns the body repair/paint shop. (Ive seen their work, you could never tell the car was practially totaled).

Oh i’m liking the laser fenders, anyone with actual PICTURES of them installed?

Fellow ZX2ners car on teamZX2…Installed yes, Painted no… http://www.angelfire.com/nc3/kreativeil … saivey.htm

Any cars with it STOCK?

I dont know what has them stock??

Other pic:

[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v153/ConSynX/DSCN0405.jpg]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v153/ ... CN0405.jpg[/url]

As in no gigantic body kit.

macco doesnt do a bad paint job they just use really bad cheap paint if you buy your own paint and take it to them they will paint it for you using your paint.

Bah, as long as you do the prep work, or slip the person that is painting an extra $200 cash if your getting your entire car painted and they will take their time…

thank good for my own paint booth lol…and training by Ford Motor Company and ICAR