Feeler: Seat Covers... Details inside.

First, let me start off by saying these seat covers will fit better than stock… (And much better than those yellow and blue covers I made in my S/R HAHA)

Im attending WyoTech and am the farthest along in my class, about a week ahead of schedule LOL.

Ive been messing with the idea of getting a Industrial sewing machine like we have at school ($600+ used) and making custom seat covers.

You could select any color basically outta Vinyl, cloth, or Leather.

Prices for Vinyl or Cloth would be: (Aftermarket or Stock)

$150 per front seat
$225 for entire rear seat

I cant give an exact price on Leather b/c it costs SO much…

You could add the folloing to all the seats:

Welting (piping): $50


Regular Pleat Insert $40


Diamond Pleat Insert $75


You could also have different color inserts. There are TONS of Vinyl prints available nowadays, ranging from Simulated Leather, Ostrich, Alligator, Snake, Carbon Fiber… etc.

For the stock seats, I have a complete set to rip apart and use as patterns.

An everyday Upholstery shop would charge around $270+ per front seat and $350 for the rear seat just to give you guys an Idea.

I can basically do any seat, I would just need the orriginal covers. It will take about 4 days to make a set Im guessing.

At the very least this would be really neat for matching the back seats to the look of racing seats. Nice offer Yellow.

lol, alligator skin.

hmmm… this might just be the way to fix my screw-up with the back seats.

Wait, what screw up was this?

2 rattle cans of fabric dye, and seats that wouldnt accept the dye…

those do look real nice but…

they do not look sporty at all :cry:

nice work though :smiley: