Feeler: Ground Control Coilovers

alright guys. i just got off the one with a company who sells GCs. they said if i get 10 people (including myself) in on a group buy, it would be around $325. everywhere ive checked its around 375-400 so this sounds like a pretty good deal. he said around, so im thinking when it gets down to the wire, i might be able to get them for even cheaper. he also said the more people over 10, the lower the cost will be per kit. so if i had 11 people it would be slightly less than ten, 12 people slightly less than 11, and so on. imagine the price we could get with 20 people!

let me know who’s in.

custom spring rates available!



  1. Rockthemullet
  2. LiveWire (teamzx2)
  3. Vitaminease (teamzx2)
  4. Swedevil (teamzx2)
  5. Zx2boi (teamzx2)
  6. Skuce (feoa)
  7. Thnikkaman (teamzx2)
  8. Hausbrauen (xceedspeed)
  9. Shadowfire (teamzx2)
  10. Mkiiisupra (xceedspeed)


pictures of what? Ground Controls?



if anyone is interested, just reply here or email me at ejm211@yahoo.com

Hi Eric! welcome to the site- Even though this is off thread topic . . :shock: 8) But if I had the cash it would be nice to have some real coil-overs

miscad, it would be in two installments if that helps. i would need half when ordering and then the other half when i get them to distribute to you. i mean, i dont know how strapped for cash you are but the two payments would probably be around 3 weeks apart. just something to consider.

for what its worth, i already have coilovers. im switching because i finally rode on Ground Controls and the difference in ride height and comfort is unbelieveable.


thanks for the warm welcome.

we’re up to 8! bump

I’m so tempted. I want coilovers so bad… but… just moved into a place so it wouldn’t be now :frowning:

well, like i said before, i could get the money in two installments. that way you would have around 3 weeks to come up with the other half.


alright people, my contact has decided that its about time to end this thing. everyone has one week from now to get the first half to me. ill be accepting $150 at this point. if you would like to use paypal, i will have to charge you an extra $5 to cover the paypal cost.

1st preference:
charge to a credit card by phone. pt me for more information on this option

2nd preference:
or $155 paypal sent to


3rd preference:
$150 check/money order sent to
Eric Mills
37436 Willow Lane, Apt. X5
Westland, MI, 48185

also, if you want custom spring rates, ill need them by Sunday night or i’ll put the order in for the standard spring rate. does anyone know what the standard spring rate is?